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    Our Design Process

    At Sydney Logos we approach every job with a fresh set of ideas. Starting from brainstorming to concept visuals, digital variations, final tweaking then the finished product. Our design team knows what ‘looks good’ and can give your business that cutting edge making you stand out among its competitors. We try to make each and every job something we can be proud of and strive to uphold the highest quality in creative design.

    We work in close relations with our clients, making sure they are pleased with the progress and ultimately how their design will bring them successful business upon its completion. Its these qualities that Sydney Logos maintains that keeps our clients coming back and puts Sydney Logos a step ahead of the rest in design and development.

    Our creative development consists of several stages:

    Stage 1 – Brainstorming / Research

    For this particular example we are using ‘Cats Construction’ a construction company. The clients only specifications was that the colours incorporated were to be a vibrant citrus orange, and Black. Going through the brief and the client requirements we started to gather ideas for a logo and how it should be represented, as well as researching the market competition to create something unique. Once we established a few pencil mock ups, we turned them into digital versions for the client to choose from. After feedback and a few slight tweaks, the final logo was created.

    Stage 2 – Concept development

    Stage 3 – Digital visualisation

    Stage 4 – Final concept tweaking

    Stage 5 – Final design

    Once the design was finalised we created a ‘logo kit’ which incorporated several different versions of the logo in different digital formats to be applied to any media, including JPEG, PDF and EPS. Depending on the requirements of the client, once the logo in finalised we can then create a complete corporate package including business card, letterhead, with compliments slip and envelope. In this particular circumstance the client requested an additional brochure as seen below.

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