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    What we do       Branding | Web | Design

    Sydney Logos is a specialist graphic design company who are based in Sydney, Australia and offer services in custom made, logo design, printing, website design and signage. Established in 2008, we pride ourselves in producing the best logo designs for your needs, whatever that may be. We believe that a logo is an identity tool which reflects you and your company so it is extremely important in representing your business’s values. Here at Sydney Logos, we have a team of marketers and graphic designers who will truly listen to your personal needs and what you desire in your custom logo design. Whichever service you need whether it be graphic design or logo design, Sydney Logos is here to help.

    See what other people have to say about us by viewing our testimonials.

    For more information on our graphic design and logo services in Sydney, contact us today on studio@sydneylogos.com.au. Alternatively, send us a query through our contact form above and we will get back to you as soon as possible in answering your question.



    We've designed the logo of literally hundreds of New South Wales businesses. We bring experience, creativity and passion to the table. We want you to succeed.

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    We've created effective websites for clients across a broad range of industries. We get online marketing! We want you to succeed!

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    Whatever your print needs, we design, print, and deliver to your door. We make it easy for you.

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    We're passionate designers that know what works. We design all day, every day. For professional design, talk to us. We want you to succeed!

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    Why Sydney Logos

    • Skilled Team......................
    • Superb...............................
    • Stylish Design....................
    • Strategists..........................
    • Specialised Service............

    What makes a good Logo?

    If you are a business owner, you may be interested in obtaining a custom logo. A custom designed logo is typically a combination of both graphics and text, and should be something unique that portrays your business accurately.

    Our design process

    The benefit of you coming to us is that all our design work is custom designed to each client and their specific branding needs. We will create a unique logo for you. We want to help you stand out from your competitors.

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